Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives

Something other than a “drug rehab”, TLC helps you discover who you are in Jesus Christ. Our program consists of personal study, classroom and small group sessions, one-on-one coaching time, working to give back, and free time.


Orientation & Integration

Learning a new way of living and thinking is not easy, and we want to help you. Your first 30 days will be some of the most crucial, and we want to make sure that you feel welcome and loved. Staff will go over expectations and introduce you to your dorm leader. We are available for direction, encouragement, and friendly conversation.


Growth and Self Discipline

Growth & Self Discipline

Over time, you will begin to see a change in your perspective. Hope will begin to take root, and you will start to acquire the necessary tools to maintain this journey. You will find yourself changing from an “I have to do this” mentality to an “I get to do this” thinking process.


Learn & Develop

We all have natural talents and God-given gifts, and you will begin to identify the talents and gifts you possess. By having opportunities to practice these talents and gifts, as well as by identifying your passions, you will be able to recognize the calling in your life. No calling is too small, no dream is too big.


Orientation and Integration

Practice & Succeed

There is a difference between trying and training, and TLC offers the opportunity to train. Practice makes perfect. Success is achieved by doing it again and again. When you have put in the effort at TLC, you will receive what is necessary for a fulfilling, abundant life.


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Crystal Meth
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If none, enter n/a. Your doctor must be prepared to prescribe your medication for you for the extent of your stay at TLC. You must be able to provide payment for any prescribed medications for the full extent of your stay at TLC.
This is a biblically based program, you do not have to be Christian to join the program but you do have to be respectful of that fact.
This is a Tobacco / Nicotine free program whether on or off property.
I recognize that as part of my program i will be participating in a daily "work day" for the ministry.

Underclassmen - Discovering the Journey

Awareness and Acceptance

This phase takes a minimum of six months, during which the student must move toward an awareness and acceptance of his life controlling issues, his identity in Christ, his emotions and the quality of his relationship to God and others. Those who are active in this phase will be given various leadership opportunities: Dorm Leader, Kitchen Supervisor, and Team Leaders.

- Students will begin to become aware and accept their life controlling issues, identifying their causes and consequences
- Students will begin to discover their identity in Christ and the awareness of the grace they received
- Students will begin to identify and learn proper management techniques of their emotions
- Students will begin to evaluate their relationships with God and others by identifying their core beliefs
- Students will begin to understand the responsibility of leadership

The Intergrated Approach

Jesus said,

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."

Mark 12. 29-31

God created us as whole beings, mind, body, emotions and soul; therefore, TLC offers classes designed to address each aspect of our God-created personhood. Each week, courses include: Spiritual Development, Integrated Studies, Transitions, Practical Ministry and Free Time. Both group class and small group setting are utilized in an effort to transfer principles for successful living, while allowing for discussion of the student’s thoughts, questions, and feelings that surface.

Spiritual Development, taught by specified pastors and special speakers, includes foundational discipleship classes addressing a variety of life-related and biblical topics. In addition to our Sunday worship service, a Thursday evening campus-wide worship service is led by our Executive Director, thus allowing all students, staff, family members and the community an opportunity to worship together.

Integrated Studies, taught by our Program Staff, identifies and enables each resident to deal with the emotional, psychological, and relational issues of life-controlling issues. In addition, Living in Freedom, which addresses purity issues, is offered as a group class led by a staff.

Transitions, is a four module curriculum taught by our Program Staff that specifically addresses the strongholds of life-controlling issues. In Celebrate Recovery, students recognize patterns and behaviors in their lives. Redefining Values allows the students to replace negative thoughts and values, while Character Progression encourages the students to remove the stumbling blocks to an abundant life. The fourth component of this step is a weekly small group session which allows the students to process the principles taught.

Practical Ministry is a campus-wide module offered each Friday and Saturday. Students serve others through bringing community awareness of life-controlling issues, providing practical hands-on ministry to families and churches, and reaching out to churches through music and testimonials.

Free Time is scheduled every Friday and Sunday night in an effort to teach the students how to properly manage their time by choosing the appropriate activities which will aid in their long-term success in life.

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