Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation.












Transforming Lives...
to Transform the World


What We Do

what WE do

TLC provides an environment with a balance of safe surroundings, support, and real-life situations to help foster a complete renewal in mind, soul, body, and spirit to men and women with life-controlling issues, by compassionately discipling through the Word of God, prayer, fellowship, and mentoring in a life-on-life model. Something different from a “drug rehab” dealing with just heroin, cocaine, alcohol and the like, we offer a pathway to living a fulfilling, abundant life in Jesus Christ.


how we can help YOU

Do you find yourself constantly making decisions that you swore you would make? Do you find yourself controlled by issues like anger, despair, anxiety, or addictions? Have you found that trying really hard to change your behaviors hasn’t helped? We can help you discover a new way of thinking. We can help you identify your true passion and giftedness. We can help you realize your higher purpose in life.


How We Can Help


Since 1982, TLC has helped people succeed in life. No calling is too small, no dream is too big. For those who are committed to a better life, success is around the corner. Life was meant to be more than meetings, sobriety, and clean time. TLC has helped thousands of people discover what God holds for them in their lives. Don’t let another day go by without beginning the journey of discovery for what He holds for you!

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